What Is Conf Marks Aiou

What is Conf Marks Aiou? Conf Marks Aiou is an annual 2-day exhibition that is presented by Association of National Universities in Pakistan. It seeks to provide a platform where all stakeholders of the education system could come under one roof, where youth had a chance to present their ideas in front of experts and where universities could showcase their research works.

Hindsight is 20-20 they say. And looking back at what I’ve said before I joined this programme, I can say that I’ve learned so much already. I was asked earlier how would I feel if I’ve spent a lot of money on this programme and didn’t see the results. Well, I would be mad, disappointed and probably quit. But know what? I’m not mad, disappointed or about to quit. I am confident that there is going to be results and that I’m going to work hard towards it. Wish me luck!

Conf marks aiou is an automated platform that allows you to organize, plan and host your competitions on the go. You can create a competition and manage it without any assistance from the third party. About Confmarks Aiu: Confmarks Aiu is an annual conference that aims at bringing together the academia and industry to share the latest research and industry practices in the field of information and communication technology.

Conf Marks Aiou is an Arabic conference that took place 10-12 March 2018 in Birmingham, UK. The conference gathered specialists, researchers, experts and enthusiasts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing from all around the world. This blog is a series of interviews with some of the speakers of the conference.

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