Why is Ancelotti the ideal coach for the Brazilian national team?

The Italian knows how to make stars like Neymar comfortable. After Tite’s failure at the World Cup, he could make the team the champion.

After Brazil’s quarterfinal exit from the 2022 World Cup, head coach Tite announced he was leaving his post. In six years at the helm of the national team he has only won the America’s Cup with it, while at the world forums he has stopped twice at the same stage.

After Tite’s decision, Brazil will have to decide on his successor. Among the main candidates for the post, various sources call Carlo Ancelotti. While at the helm of the Brazilian national team is difficult to imagine him: The Italian now works at Real Madrid, and his contract with the club until 2024. But what if the South Americans will be persistent and will be able to lure the coach to them? Here are the reasons why they should try to do it.

Brazil is full of capable players. They also like to enjoy the process. They would definitely like such an approach of the coach, especially Neymar, the leader of the attack.

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At the 2022 World Cup Brazil’s scheme can be described as a 4-4-2. Defensively, it was exactly that – Neymar and Risharlison were positioned above the other two lines of four men. Speaking of the attack, it is important to note the wide range of Neymar’s movements. It is noteworthy that Ancelotti treats this scheme very well and is even a fan of it. If he suddenly becomes the head of the national team, he and the players will have something to fall back on.

The players’ comfort for Ancelotti is important not only on the field, but also off it. Therefore, he tries to understand every player and then find a solution to the situation, and not just dictate to the performer how he should and should not do. The coach has a way of making the players feel at home instead of pushing them away. More often than not, he manages to achieve mutual understanding and it gives the coach great pleasure.

Brazil pulled out of the 2022 World Cup in a very strange way. With six minutes left in extra time, Neymar and company were already trying to stall! Tite kept the 4-4-2 scheme largely inactive. Ancelotti could have done one of two things in a critical situation – either not let the team do such nonsense, or, for that matter, strengthen the team with an extra defender or holding midfielder.

That’s not to say that Tite can’t win – he has 13 trophies to his credit as coach. But Ancelotti’s experience is much broader, as Tite has only won in the Americas, and has taken just four titles in the last ten years. To appoint Ancelotti after Tite is to trust not just a stronger coach, but one of the best on the planet.


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